RR is not a medical or psychological method, and as such practitioners do not diagnose or treat disease, nor do they prescribe regimens for curing or treating disease and does not replace any medical or psychological assistance you may be receiving or in need of.

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"I've been using this work, through my system, to repattern things for my family.  Opening space for an unraveling of the 'little t' truths that block us from embracing the 'large T' Truths that would allow us to function properly.

Also remember that junk can be released in a gentle and graceful manner. You don't have to put it down all at once.... We are frequently stuck on identifying ourselves with the problems and dysfunctions we have developed.  We fight to keep them because we lack an understanding of who we are without them.

This modality can get around all of that, and get results that stick!"
It is frequently fun at the same time."  =)

~Kathy Hacking

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Resonance Repatterning®

Resonance Repatterning®

Resonance Repatterning® ("RR") is an amazing system for positive change that shows results from the first session... Chloe Faith Wordsworth developed this system for positive change.  Sessions can be in person or by phone.

My very first experience with Resonance Repatterning was a session on the fear of heights which I had since I could remember. I tried everything people recommended and the best I could do was with a lot of preparation I could go up high, however, I did not enjoy it.  One session of Resonance Repatterning and it is almost like I never was afraid of heights. I love being able to take in panaromic views now. Resonance Repatterning has helped me in all areas of my life as well as others.  ~ Marja