I have been doing energy work with Marja for many years now. I can say that I began quite skeptical and questioning, but I felt I was at a place where I needed to try something different because I wanted to see some positive changes. I have found the work to be easy and nothing like convential therapy work. I have seen dramatic changes from weight loss to financial gains to better self-care. I would recommend her for anybody looking to transform their life to what they really want.


Since doing resonance re-patterning work with Marja, I have allowed myself to be more aware of the abundance that surrounds me that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy.

At first I thought that all my issues that we addressed in each session would magically just go away, but am realizing that's not the point to this great work nor is it how life in general is supposed to work. When completing sessions, either I would feel a relatively instant transformation, or shift, in the issues or else things would come into my life through others, reading material, opportunities, etc that could help me in what I was personally struggling with. I'm learning that this all comes to fruition as long as I'm taking care of myself and am allowing peace to come by remaining open, relaxed (as much as possible with two young children!), and receptive to my soul.

 This has been a work in progress, as I've let myself be stuck in a mode in my life where I thought I just had to deal with the normal issues of life as best as I could by trying to change my attitude and pretty much just suck it up! We don't have to live life this way and can create our own realities if we're willing to let go of old habits that don't serve us. 

I thank Marja and the work she does for being a piece of help in my life to get me where I'm destined to be!


Since I was in elementary school I can remember having consistent health issues revolving around my immune system. They only seemed to escalate as I got older. Eventually I was diagnosed with an auto-immune arthritic condition in my early 20s. At first I didn’t understand the depth of what this meant, but as years went by I became more debilitated physically. As this happened my emotional well being took quite a downturn. I was suffering tremendously both physically and emotionally. Eventually I was suffering so much that I couldn’t think of anything else to do other than end my life. I knew somehow my past years of trauma and difficult family life had lead me to this moment of consistent physical illness and emotional pain that I could no longer ignore, but I didn’t know how to rid my system of it. I was in graduate school learning to be a therapist and knew how to help others, but I couldn’t rid myself of what was coded in my body. I knew I needed to find someone or something to help me.
I began furiously researching ways to cleanse my body and mind of what I felt really wasn’t mine and was making me ill. That is when I came across information on Marja Shelley and her training in Resonance Repatterning. It was just what I was looking for. Something that could help me change energy that was I stuck in and wanted so badly to change. I just had faith and jumped in despite not even really understanding it all. I was called to it so I went with it. In time I increasingly felt emotional relief as each session progressed. I often became frustrated that not much was changing for me physically, but I noticed tremendous shifts in my emotional well being and in my relationships. I think that had to happen first. Years later I have seen a tremendous positive impact on my health. I am in almost complete remission from my arthritic condition and my overall health has greatly improved. I think the energy releases and improvement in emotional wellbeing saved me. Without Resonance Repatterning I also wouldn’t have found other means of helping myself. It is this modality that helped me find other things that also helped me release in different ways and heal. My relationships, health and wellbeing have never been better and more stable. I think it is a life changing modality that promises results if you are patient and stick with the process. It can help transform relationships, financial standings, health issues, emotional struggles, and ways of viewing the world. If you want something to change it will happen with this either through you having more energy to change it or by you changing your outlook on what is troubling you. I have seen it make tremendous changes in my life and those close to me who also do the work. It is amazing and I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. 


Marja is an amazing, kind-hearted woman who is down to earth, honest, and genuine. She truly has a gift of being able to do energy work and being able to help others move their energy into positive directions.

I have known Marja for several years and have done many resonance repatterning sessions with her. Even when I did my first session with Marja, she knew very little about me, and she was dead-on with the beliefs I had about myself. It has been amazing to watch my beliefs change and be able to feel the changes within me through the sessions. I love how understanding and supportive Marja is and how she helped and continues to help me through really tough and deep negative statements I have had and have.  

Even with the seemingly less intense core beliefs I have, she is still perceptive.  Even if it took more than one session, she never told me I was stuck with that negative belief. I learned that I have the power to change these debilitating statements and beliefs about myself and sometimes I just need a little guidance to get those to start shifting. I know that even if I have a belief that has been with me since early childhood, I do not have to keep it in my life.

Resonance repatterning is a great way to help shift that negative energy when you don’t believe it is possible to shift. Through Marja and resonance repatterning, I have been able to continue to grow and step into my potential. I have personally made positive shifts with family, confidence, and self-esteem - just to name a few. The beauty about this process is that it can always help and it is liberating to feel yourself start to feel more free with the shifting of the energy. I appreciate Marja in that I can tell her anything and do not feel judged by her at all. She has shown patience and love towards me. I am grateful for the relationship that has grown over the years with Marja and blessed to have her in my life.




I want everyone who reads this to get how gifted Marja is as a healer and a person  She is a very intuitive, super caring and uses tools that really work!.  I'm in a much happier,better and stronger place because of her. She has shared and opened me up to so many possibilities that could I not even imagine for myself. 
Much Love

" I feel more open about life and makes me feel calmer."